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Why choose to buy Japanese brand stairs?

The 1950s, after defeat in the Second World War, the Japanese economy fell into recession. Recognizing the important business of customer need, enterprises have changed their view and realize good quality can help their long-term survival and development. Based on that events the slogan “ The quality attached to the honor of the nation” was born. At the same time, they also launched the best product have high quality to pass the strict test to service to the customer. 

The products come from the Land of cherry blossom has been very successful in capturing the heart of Vietnamese people with impression “Good and durable goods”

So now in the design and manufacture of the Japanese brand has always been the first choice of customers towards.

For modern homes, the staircase is an integral part of the connection between the floors, space, support the move. At the same time, using these templates beautifully designed staircase, matching furniture also works to decorate and increase the value of the house.

If it was before, the stairs in the house were mostly made of wood, concrete or glass. The stairs make by the hardened iron are used only for factory factories now it is different. The hardened iron staircase is replaced by a steel staircase, with beautiful design and creative, become a favorite of many families.

So why choose to buy Japanese brand stairs?

Slender rod steel staircase, have stiffness triple than the aluminum staircase.

The most important thing when choosing to buy stair is the design and safety of the stairs. Products from Japan always with certainty, durability, reasonable price with beautiful design, uniquely, easily change compatible with different housing styles. Strict compliance with the Japanese standard. 

Bring aesthetic beauty comparable to other interior products

To create demand and respond to the needs of users is what the Japanese brands’ staircase has been done. Understand about that, staircase designed intelligent, flexible, diverse height and especially very compact. Stairs have diverse design custom fit with each different housing styles, colors stairs minimalist easily coordinate with other interior products bring beauty modern to the house.

Quick installation at construction without having to paint and welding.

With the weight is not too heavy it convenient for transportation, you don’t need to paint or weld at the construction. No welds joint can found in the smallest detail. This increases aesthetics and helps you save time and costs.

Hope through this article will help you to choose the staircase fit for your living room.

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Voice of customer – Japanese restaurant “Indigo”

-What is the concept of this restaurant?
Indigo concept is beauty and health.
Target customers Indigo went towards is women who featured the health.
Therefore, we are using fresh ingredients food, if it was small ration but not losing the high nutritional value in meal to the menu.
And we are offering good taste from Japanese soup stock.
-Who are the customers coming here?
60% are Japanese, 30% are Vietnamese, 10% are other foreigners.
Until now in Ho Chi Minh City, there are no any Japanese restaurant same like our style that make customer have the new feeling.

-How was this restaurant completed?
With notion that women are easy to get in and blue is the main color.
For Japanese, Indigo color (blue) is a close color, conveying familiar image of human health.
The design must to express ancient features or Japanese spirit with mixed red of the sun and lantern. It shows the characteristics of the Japanese works.
-How was ObjeA staircase affect to the space?
It has become a photo spot for many customers.
After meal, looking at the picture taken by our customers I was think the stairs are simple but very impressive.
We placed a sheet cover the empty space between two steps, so children are safe when they going to second floor.
-Why do the restaurants choice to install see-through staircase?
Because right above of the ceiling have a sunroof, light, stairs take advantage of light will be very good.
The fact that watching 3D drawings, we can see the space design has been unified, the ventilation problem in the house always prioritized make the space looks more spacious, the customers feel comfortable so they decided very fast.
-After selecting staircase are there have any good points or bad points?
There is no any bad points.
Since then, without staircase this space will has not impressed much, we making a right decision.
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