Company Name KATZDEN VIETNAM Co., Ltd.
Factory Address Lot D-1, Street 4A, Protrade International Tech Park, An Tay Ward, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province.
TEL(Factory) +84(0)274-3579-439
FAX(Factory) +84(0)274-3579-438
TEL(Japanese) +84(0)90-939-8943
MAIL(Japanese) tagami@katzden.co.jp
MAIL(Vietnamese) trantan@katzden.co.jp
HCM Office Address 115 Ung Van Khiem, 25 Ward, District Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City

We are deeply aware that employees and business partners are the most important things for the company, and carry out “all-ownership management” to enhance their value.

We have a mission to propose and solve by ourselves, learn from materials, improve technology, and aim to “create a beautiful and comfortable space”.

We love nature as a organisms coexist on the earth, make effort to preserve the environment, and “contribute to the development of society.”

Our Creativity

Staircase is not just for climbing. 
We believe that commitments to design and safety are also indispensable. 
At KATZDENwe design living spaces that are beautiful and easy to use,and our technology is a result of our pursuit of all the possibilities of the staircase. 
For over 15 years since our founding, our technology has been polished to adapt to all manner of situations as we propose and create the best possible staircase for each building.

For Utility

We have selected steel as the material for staircases. 
But that doesn’t mean it has to be coarse, or cold. 
Instead a floating lightness emphasises the staircase as a modern objet d’art. 
It’s uncommon for sharp, beautiful design to be combined with practicality. 
The comfort in the touch of the handrail is thanks to the chamfering of just 2mm at the corners. 
Refusing to compromise through repeated trial and error, we have created a warmth of touch that will endure with the whole interior. 
And as for practicality, the “knock-down” format that we use in manufacturing can shorten the construction period to as little as a single day.

For Sunlight

See-through staircase creates a bright space that doesn’t block light. 
The light that illuminates the house determines the image of the space. 
Using staircase that maximize the effectiveness of the lighting has made it possible to create unprecedented new living spaces. 
The space under the stairs is usually unlit and difficult to use effectively, but KATZDEN staircase makes it an integral part of the interior and illuminates the living space with vivid color. 
What distinguishes us is not just the safety and excellent design of our staircase, but our attention to the design of the entire living space.

For Family

Houses have to provide family spaces. 
A house for the couple, a house for children, a house for parents and so on; the whole space including the staircase must be designed to fulfil all kinds of needs. 
The structure must obviously be safe for children and the elderly to use, but it’s also important that it provide an environment in which the family can communicate easily. 
As an answer to these needs, the atrium and seethrough staircase can help families to be closer.

Our Story

When first established, KATZDEN started by selling the straight steel staircase “ObjeA”. 
And has since developed a range of staircase products based on the concept of “Design a Life”, including the spiral staircase “Modelia”, cycle stand “D-NA”, stationery “SALEDO”, wood stove “HOMRA” and more. 
This style of development that aims to get close to people’s real daily lives is expressed as “Design a Life.”