5 highlights handrail at KATZDEN ARCHITEC

A house with a modern design, it is certainly indispensable for a handrail with many uses and important meanings. Not only to protect homeowners when climbing up and downstairs, but the handrail can also replace the inanimate walls that are wide open to bring natural light into the house, creating a spacious and airy feeling for the room. Come with us to refer the most outstanding handrail at Katzden!


Horizontal handrails are designed simply, suitable for modern style. A horizontal handrail is the straight horizontal steel bars connected in parallel to fixed vertical pillars without texture and pattern. Create absolute simplicity for design.

Wire handrail

Wire handrail is designed simply, details are not complex. Handrails are structure by strong parallel cables and fixed at the poles to ensure that the cables are not slack, causing safety in use and aesthetics for the location of handrail installation.

Vertical handrail

Vertical railings are designed with square steel pipes with high vibration resistance. The distance between the iron bars is precisely measured to ensure more safety and aesthetics for homes with children.

Glass handrail 

When choosing a staircase with glass handrail, you can be assured of safety and aesthetics. Glass handrail is made of strong tempered glass, good durability, when broken, they will break into small particles so it will not be dangerous compared to normal.

Moreover, glass handrail brings elegance and modernity to your home.  Some families also use a light to make these tempered glass panels more sparkling, more vivid with many colors.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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