7 types of a staircase for the houses have a small area

The form of the staircase for tube houses and townhouses is now not only a connection between floors but also contributes to the aesthetics as well as the ability to arrange additional storage areas to make the space more perfect. Especially for the houses have small area this issue is more and more concerned. In this article, we will introduce 7 forms of Katzden staircase suitable for small area houses.

DEROUS staircase

DEROUS is known with an industrial design that matches with industrial and classic interior design. Assembled in a space-truss structure by welding deformed round steel bar has a high see-through property. This is a kind of staircase that brings a bit of a classic feel from the 90s that has a high aesthetic but saves a lot of space.

See-Though staircase ObjeA 

High see-through property and crystal – clear of staircase steep will help you cover all the different spaces and the house will also glow because of the light passing between rooms becoming easier. Instead of using materials like concrete or wood-like traditional, rigid and monotonous, you can combine with glass to bring balance effects as well as increase the liberal, modern for your home.

ObjeA staircase is a very popular trend and quite popular at this moment, suitable for many design styles from modern to classical, especially solutions to improve living space for those the house has a narrow area characterized as a tube house.

FRIS staircase 

FRIS staircase is a kind of staircase of innovative design supported by steel bars. The design is simple but extremely unique. With the special steeps, the staircase looks like they are floating in the air and are suitable for a variety of shapes. This is a kind of staircase that makes the house luxurious, aesthetic and saves a lot of space. This is a suitable product for homes with small living rooms.

DANDEL staircase

If you want the living room space to become more serene and lighter, the DANDEL staircase model is one of the best options for you. Because of the simple design, saving space but no less unique makes the room more spacious, helping homeowners feel most comfortable when returning home after a working day.

WAVES staircase

WAVES is a staircase model that looks like a work of Japanese Origami paper folding art. From simplicity combined with modernity, WAVES was born with high quality and aesthetics to meet customer needs. Bringing minimalism to the living room space as well as the modernity of your home.

WAVES DANEL staircase

This is the perfect choice if you are a lover of simple and modern designs. Waves Dandel is a staircase with a simple design combining Origami paper art and fixed techniques on one side. From simplicity combined with simplicity, WAVES DANDEL was born with high quality and aesthetics to meet customer needs.

Lofty staircase

Lofty is a combination of steel pipes and wood steeps suitable for the house with simple interior design and mezzanine floor. Ladder with unique design unmatched. This is a product in collaboration with the Spanish designer. If installed in a living room or a children’s room, the Lofty staircase will become a highlight for the room.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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