Customer voice – Hair salon combined with Bar “ Joker”

What is the concept of this shop?

JOKER’s catchphrase is a relaxing space for adults, combining hair salon and authentic bar.

Customers can get cut service until 11PM, and of course, can drink beer or cocktail while cut the hair.

You have a variety of business formats, how did you expand it?

About 5 years before opening JOKER, I visited some shops in New York that combined Barber and Bar.

I had an admiration for the atmosphere about the space that is comfortable for adults.

Then I thought “Someday I wanted to open such a store!”.

At a time-independent from Japanese hair salons, I started with a small scale, and gradually increased the number of partners, starting with bartenders, and then with an experienced hairstylist who is good at female style.

How much is the price?

[Hair salon]

Cut & Shampoo : 500k vnd

Perm or color : 1,000k vnd~


Beer : 60k vnd ~

Whiskey : 100k vnd ~

Cocktail : 120k vnd ~


Coffee : 30k vnd

Smoothy : 50k vnd

All facilities have a motto that customers can receive services that are better than other foreign shops and less price, and there are 80% or more repeat customers.

What customers are coming?

About 80% of Japanese, 10% of Vietnamese, and about 10% of other foreigners.

Facebook is mainly used as a way to attract customers, but there are overwhelmingly many who are introduced to any facility.

How did you create the interior?

The property that was originally a house was renovated.

GF was the entrance, so there was too cramped to use as a bar.

So breaking the concrete staircase and putting in “DEROUS” gives us a sense of openness, and it is also cool design like no other.

In accordance with the staircase, shelves, tables, and chairs made of deformed round steel were made to order and finished in an industrial atmosphere.

The room for hair salon was used as a kitchen, but I removed all of the kitchen equipment, peeled off the ceiling board, made it taller, closed the walls, and so on.

How does this staircase “DEROUS” affect this place?

Because of the staircase, space looks wider thanks to the narrow lines.

In addition, because it is a unique design, I think that we could create a space like no other.

Vietnamese properties often have old wooden handrails on concrete stairs.

With like that staircase, no matter how the other interiors are devised, it is difficult to create a well-designed space.

So I think it was good to break the original staircase and install a see-through staircase.

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