Expand living space with Kastom Wall – Japanese quality

Your living space will be expanded with Kastom Wall at Katzen. Easy to disassemble, moving with any size, space.

Flexible movement suitable for each purpose of use

With Kastom Wall you can easily change the structure according to the preferences of each individual in the family. Besides that, changing a part of the partition will change the landscape of that space. Because the partition is easy to change or install, it is also easy to change the height according to the maturity of the family.

Kastom Wall help the house to be airier

Because the area is not much, so the living space is more spacious, many families choose to design a living room and connected kitchen. Meanwhile, the effective solution to replace the walls separating these two spaces is the Kastom Wall partition.

Get full of natural light

It is great to separate the living room from another space by using open partitions like Kastom Wall. The idea being done here is to separate the kitchen or dining room from the living room space with bookshelves, or open shelves so as not to obstruct the light and have connections between living areas, helping people. in the family can be more connected.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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