How much will my staircase cost ?!!

A good staircase can become a key architectural feature inside your home – setting the tone for the rest of the living space.

The sky’s the limit in terms of what can be achieved (and what you’ll pay for it), but broadly speaking there are three main cost brackets: Starting with Design; Staircase shape; Length and width of staircase and staircase quality.

(ObjeA-Thunder Staircase: 12 wood steps; 3 spans horizontal handrail 2.485$)

1/ Design

For each type of living space, depending on the acreage of the house, hobbies, and economy of the landlord, the staircase will be considered for choosing according to many factors and the most suitable.

The design also depends on your available space and in the interior design of your home.

For homes with a limited budget, choose the staircase with a simple design. An appropriate area of the stairs will save a large number of unnecessary costs.

(ObjeA Semi-Close staircase: 16 wood steps; Straight beam and 4 spans horizontal handrail – 2.300$)

3/ Material

There are many kinds of materials that can be used for making a staircase. It could be timber, marble, steel, and even concrete. Some even use glass for their treads which look elegant yet more costly. Glass staircase is usually used for minimal and modern designs.

It is very important that your staircase can carry the load on it to avoid accidents.

(Cầu thang DEROUS: 15 bậc gỗ; 5 span tay vịn kính – 3.650$)

4/ Designer – Construction of prestigious staircase:

Currently, in Vietnam the staircase is considered a structure (layout) designed in basic drawings or 3D drawings.

Katzden Architec is the first stair unit in Vietnam with high-tech design and production.

With 40 years of experience in manufacturing and designing stairs in Japan. Environmentally friendly coal material and standard production line.

(FRIS staircase: 13 wood steps: SinglexHang – 3.105$)

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

If you have any demand to design the staircase. Please contact us!

Katzden hotline: 0908.846.227 or 0908.834.227

Or you can also refer more products interior and exterior of us here.

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