Katzden Architec Vietnam high reputation and quality staircase brand from Japan

Based on the standardized production process, product quality test with a professional working team from Japan. Katzden confidently provides to customers our interior and exterior products.

Standardized production process

Mention to Japan, people always think about the meticulousness in the production process, Katzden staircase also. With the new and most modern staircase chain production system. Including equipment products such as laser machines, bending machines, stamping machines, cutting machines, powder coating… are purchased from Japanese and Italian companies. With modern equipment and professional workers, Katzden has created good quality staircase masterpieces believed by many.


Products always reach quality accreditation

With the philosophy “Creating a beautiful and comfortable living space” Katzden is always caring about developing products to meet the requirements from the customer. Without forget to exchange knowledge; improve technical level; the ability of workers at the company. The team of engineers, designers, and workers in Katzden Architec Vietnam has been trained in Katzden Japan to improve their qualifications.

Katzden was the first company to apply installation and finishing methods at the construction site. A method of assembling and completing staircase from removable parts at the construction site. which means that all parts of the staircase are manufactured precisely, finished paint at the factory. After that, these parts are transferred to the construction site and assembled quickly.

With the above assembly method, we can save installation time and fully flexible as required by the project. This has also seen of the professionalism in Katzden’s staircase installation.

Katzden products are exported to advanced countries, always under strict quality control. Not only are domestic customers but also popular with foreign customers.

If you have any demand to design the staircases please contact us!

HotlineKatzden: 0908-846-227 – 0908-834-227

Or you can also refer more product interior and exterior of us here.

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