Noted when choosing movable bulkhead for offices, houses

In-office and housing design, bulkheads are a solution many people choose instead of monotonic walls. Not only is an item to shield and create a separate space, but the bulkhead is also used as a decorative item, an impressive highlight in the house. It is very important to choose a mobile bulkhead suitable for space because it shows the style of the employer and it also has a great effect on creating a space of office/housing. become more convenient and luxurious.

Pay attention to the purpose of use

The purpose of the use is put on top when choosing to buy any furniture, so bulkhead also. Use bulkhead for any purpose: used for dividing rooms, dividing residential space.

Installation place

Determining the location of pre-installation will help you be more active in choosing the wall and the ability to select the appropriate wall.

If installing a bulkhead in the staff room, choose the type of bulkhead according to the module type for each group, department or individual working position. If Kastom Wall is installed in an office, it is recommended to select the bulkhead type according to the module type that works for each group, department, or individual work location. Kastom Wall is equipped with wooden frames to allow creativity in the design but does not limit the visibility of the staff and can still combine soundproofing help to minimize noise.

Choose the right style

A bulkhead is very diverse: wooden walls combined with steel, all-wood walls or all-glass walls … Based on the wall style, there are choices of sizes suitable for the actual space where used.

Choose from harmonious colors

Harmonizing color balance will make you more motivated to work instead of being affected by the color scheme that only makes your eyes getting hurt.

Choose colors for bulkhead and wall paint colors are correlated and create a pleasant feeling. This will help employees work most comfortably, promoting the process of working more effectively.

If the state agencies, we can choose the type of office bulkhead color deep, gray … to show the solemn and serious to outsiders.

As for office workers, the selection of light-colored bulkheads, wood colors are highly aesthetic colors but also create a youthful and dynamic office.

Reasonable price

The same price is an important determinant. Not only the design, the size is good, but the price must also be reasonable. Choosing Kastom Wall at Katzden would be the right choice.

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