Processing Services


Katsuden Corporation in Japan handles building materials, mainly steel staircases. In addition to manufacturing building materials for the Japanese market, the Vietnam factory also provides sheet metal products to companies based in Vietnam. We can meet a wide range of needs from design to manufacturing of machine cases, parts, and custom-built building materials, and we can also produce small lots. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.


Laser Turret Punch Combo Machine LC2012C1NT (AMADA)

Laser Processing Machine LC1212αⅣNT (AMADA)

Turret Punch Press PEGA357 (AMADA)

Press Brake HG1303 130ton 3m (AMADA)

Press Brake EG4010 40ton 1m (AMADA)

Press Brake BB4013 36ton 1.26m (MURATA)

MAG Welding Machine XD350S (DAIHEN)

TIG Welding Machine ACCUTING-300P (DAIHEN)

Fiber Welding Machine Employees with JIS welding qualification are also available

Shearing M2650 (AMADA)

Pipe Bender (Made in Taiwan)

Set Press SP-15 (AMADA)

Pre-treatment for Painting (Iron Phosphate Treatment)

Painting Equipment
- Solvent Booth
- Powder Coating Booth
- Baking Oven

The painting equipment at the Binh Duong factory is designed for painting long staircase stringers, capable of handling pieces over 5 meters in length, including pre-treatment.

Working Scene