Some outstanding advantages of Kastomwall

A custom bulkhead is a product that many people love and choose for their space. 

This design has many outstanding advantages that you cannot ignore. In this article, join us to know more about the Kastomwall at Katzden!

Save space

In the design, the area saving factor is always the top concern. Especially with limit space. You absolutely can be assured when using Kastomwall. 

Bulkhead with a custom function

The custom bulkhead is one of the interior products that have been used in many projects: office; house; shop;…..

With a compact and lightweight design, Kastomwall easy and simple in use; installation or transport. Kastomwall has dividing space function very scientifically and effectively, suitable for all the space to help to create a comfortable working space and ensuring privacy. 

Besides that, the advantage of competitive price is also a plus point for this product.

Not select the space – bring the open space – connect members in the family. 


Kastom Wall can installed in many locations to suitable with any space. Depending on the viewing direction, form, and usage.

By taking the light from the gaps of wood frames, Kastomwall creates ventilation but still ensures privacy and harmony with the overall design. 

You can feel free to change the parts of the bulkhead:

  • Can change parts of the bulkhead after using for a while will help the room space always fresh and modern.
  • The bulkhead can be change or installation more. Especially, Kastomwall can the height to suit the development of each member of the family. 

Ensure aesthetics

With fixed connections of Kastomwall with the ceiling are intricately design and not easy to see. More specifically, Katzden also pays attention to the reasonable distance between the bulkhead to bring comfort to the user. 

Kastomwall will not be monotonous with raw materials of wood and steel combined with the main colors: black, red and natural wood.

You can decor or decorate your Kastomwall with small plant pots, ornament. In addition, the wood part you can sculpt the wood grain texture, make a difference and accent to your home. 

With the above advantages, surely this product is always accompanies on the path of modernization of all interior spaces. 

Cost savings

Design cost and construction costs are factors that investors always care for every project. However, you can feel assured when using Kastomwall at Kaztden. Kastomwall helps to save maximum costs. 

Katzden Kastom Wall helps you to shorten the design, construction time and cost of accessories. Therefore, you can save money related to installation.

Moreover, Kastomwall is a high quality products from reputable Japanese brands. Kastomwall does not only have a long life they also meet the most demanding needs of customers.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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