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Knockdown Construction Method

Innovative staircase construction method that saves time and labor.

KATZDEN’s staircase products utilize a knockdown format that significantly reduces time and labor at construction sites. In this method, staircases are pre-fabricated to a certain level in the factory, then transported to the site for assembly. This process shortens on-site construction time, ensures uniform quality, and improves efficiency. Additionally, it minimizes noise and mess at the site, contributing to enhanced safety.

Removable stairs that can be assembled on site.

Disadvantages of stairs made in an ironworks

Difficult to transport finished products
Large staircases require large mechanical equipment for transport and installation, and processing and assembly time is limited when the housing frame is complete.

May be hazardous when welding on site
Welding is dangerous because sparks may be generated and a fire may occur during installation.

Advantages of removable stairs

Disassembled models can be simply assembled on site.
Welding is done in the factory, so stable quality is guaranteed. In addition, on-site assembly is very easy, and there is no need to consider installation time. There is also no need to worry about fire during installation.


Time Saving

The construction time at the site is significantly reduced.

Efficient Construction

The efficiency of construction is improved through pre-fabrication in the factory.

Uniform Quality

The use of pre-fabricated parts ensures consistent quality.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Noise and dirt at the construction site are minimized, enhancing safety.

In Vietnam, staircases are typically constructed on-site as a standard step in the building process. The knockdown method, where staircases are pre-manufactured in a factory and only need to be installed on-site, allows for high precision, beautiful finishes, and faster project completion times.

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