The importance of the staircase in the interior design

The beautiful staircase has become an interior design trend nowadays. The staircase has a highly aesthetic to honored the beauty inside the house. Harmony with the overall design of the Interior inside the house brings a ventilation feeling to the room.

Connect space

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Not only is the way between the floors in the house, but the staircase is also considered a central focal point for the house. The staircase is the most used in the house, connecting all activities of the members. Therefore, it is always carefully designed by architects and carefully selected by the owner.

According to nowaday modern lifestyle, See-Through staircase is the most suitable option. It contributes to the airy beauty and brings a full natural light to the house.

Aesthetic in the interior

If anyone says that the staircase only works on connections between the floors without decorating for the house, it is a mistake. A house with beautiful design but a normal staircase, it is not perfect. Conversely, if a normal house has a unique and beautiful staircase, the whole house will become the highlight in visitors the eyes. The simple reason because many people often pay attention to large areas of space but forget the staircase.

Depending on the personality and hobby of the owner, it is possible to turn the staircase into a highlight for the house. Many homeowners are very creative when installing LED lights in under the staircase; hanging paintings on the wall of the staircase area; greenery in the landing space or the space under the staircase. Save the space and make space beautify.

Feng shui elements

The staircase is an important part of all houses from villas to townhouses with diverse styles from classic, neoclassical to modern. Any design solution cannot ignore the principles of staircase layout as follows:

The base of the staircase and tops never face the main door

Avoid choosing red color for stairs because this brings serious misfortune

Avoid placing stairs in the middle of the house.

Hope through this article will help you to choose the staircase fit for your living room.

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