These criteria to choose handrails to fit your home space

Nowadays, with the rapid development of life and the art of designing architectural models, people are becoming more and more demanding about special enjoyment and for their living space. Turning architecture is not just a house for you to relax, you can also create a relaxing space when you enter your home. Here are some criteria when you designing handrail:  

Material and design of the handrail

There are many handrails with different styles. Based on the design style, we can divide the handrail into different categories:

  • Horizontal handrails.
  • Vertical handrails.
  • Wire handrails.
  • Glass handrails.

The simple models of steel balustrades are most popular today because they are suitable for many different spaces and designs, and steel handrail is durable for a long time. At the same time bring a sense of security, elegance, and youth in the space that you install.

Ensure safety for family members

Handrail is an important part of the stair design. Ensure the safety of your family members when moving on the staircase. The balustrade has a current average safety height of about 850m – 1120m from the steep to the handrails. No lower than 850mm is allowed for families with young children or climbers will be very dangerous. Also, do not make the railing too high will lose the aesthetics. If you make the stairs as high as 1150m or more higher, it is like a barrier wall in the house.

Choose a reputable company

With many years of experience in staircase and handrail design. Katzden Architec has successfully applied advanced techniques to create many beautiful handrails such as housing projects in Japan. Katzden believes customers will be satisfied when using our products.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

If you have any demand to design the staircases please contact us!

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