What are the differences between DANDEL staircase and WAVES DANNEL staircase

See-through staircase features are quickly becoming a trend in the interior space of modern, optimal and highly creative. See-through staircase, not only way between floors of the house it also as an interior decoration item in your home.

Speaking of the See-through staircase, it is impossible not to mention the DANDEL and WAVES DANDEL staircase of Katzden Architec. So what are the 2 different types of stairs 2?

Structure of DANNEL staircase and WAVES DANDEL

DANDEL staircase is staircase designed to be fixed on one-side. With a structure one-sided design clinging to the wall to create a sense like floating in the air, help DANDEL staircase has a unique appearance. DANDEL staircase is the best choice for modern living spaces. DANDEL staircase design is simple so you can take advantage of the space under the staircase to be able to install a bookshelf or personal shell, etc.

As for the WAVES DANDEL staircase, it has been combined with a one-sided fixing technique such as the DANDEL staircase with a wavy shape inspired by the Japanese art of Origami paper folding. Simplicity combined with sophistication, helps WAVES DANDEL fit all modern living spaces and satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The applicability of the two types of staircase

DANDEL staircase is suitable for use in spaces with low floors. Especially, DANDEL staircase is one of the suitable options for small-sized houses with mezzanines, helping the house become more beautiful and more attractive.

With WAVES DANDEL staircase has a soft appearance in design, but also equally hardened by the solid steel material. Therefore, WAVES DANDEL staircase is always selected by many customers for their homes because of their high applicability, suitable for all housing spaces.

Conclusion DANDEL and WAVES DANDEL are highly applicable. Depending on the design and preferences of the host – DANDEL and WAVES DANDEL bring beauty and individuality in each design.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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