How to create a workspace where you can concentrate when working from home?

According to Coronavirus (COVID-19) has rapidly accelerated the trend “teleworking” and “working from home” throughout Japan.
It seems that many people have taken this opportunity to move from condominiums in the city center to detached houses in the suburbs.

You can simply create a private room, but this time it’s unique to Katzden Architect! 

Introducing a construction example of creating a workspace when working from home using our products.

  • It’s also a good idea to create a private room
  • I want to work while childcare
  • I want a space that is easy to use with for work purposes

This is a must-see casebook for such people!

1. Effective use of the bottom space of the staircase:

The first is an example of using under the see-through staircase, which tends to be a dead space.
The see-through staircase “ObjeA” is used as an example this time, but if it is a folded staircase, a wide desk can be placed next to it, so two couples can relax and teach their children’s studies sideways. And, it becomes a space where you can easily concentrate in an atmosphere like a semi-private room that is easy to use.
Noted if you don’t have the height below the staircase, you may hit your head.
If the 8th step is the turning point, I think that it is enough for a person of general height to sit down.
As picture above, you can also lower the stairs by one step to gain height.

2. Make a big shelf:

Maybe some people have trouble storing the tools they use at work?
It is now possible to save to a PC or cloud, but if you have a large amount of materials that are not converted into data or cannot be stored, you can solve it by creating a shelf that allows you to go up and down using a ladder!
If the lower half is a work tool and the upper half is a hobby, one shelf can be used both publicly and privately.  If you have a Lofty slide that can be moved left and right with a roller, you can move it from end to end.

3. 2nd floor as a workspace:

There is a cognitive problem in the workplace that almost everyone has.
After waking up in the morning, eating rice, talking to my family, and going to work as it is, I can’t immediately switch my consciousness in the same place.
If you don’t feel like working in the same place as your living space, there is an idea to create a workspace in a different place.
I find it difficult to create a room just for work, so the photo shows an example of placing a desk in the corridor on the second floor.
If you keep it separate from the place where you spend your time relaxing, you will be less likely to inadvertently mess around.
If a highly see-through handrail can be installed in the atrium, it will be possible to work in a comfortable place with a feeling of openness.

4. Self-study space for children:

For parents who want their children to be able to focus and enjoy learning. Then creating a self-study space for children is the right thing. Children can freely learn and play as they want.

You can safely observe them from the living room. Why not if you make a self-study space for kids that is a size that only kids can use??? Children will feel as comfortable as they are in a secret base.

In that case, of course, it is necessary to think about how to make use of the space after the child grows up.

Many customers seem to be thinking of using it as a storage room for display.

5. Such a workspace:

Another example is the workspace located in the center of the house.

Some people may not be able to focus because family members’ activities are within sight. But on the contrary, for families with small children, it is safe, the feeling of distance between families becomes closer.

Creatively designed and installed “KastomWall” (Interior Partition) is also an ideal use case for a workspace.

Installed below the staircase with a panoramic view of the whole house. KastomWall functions as an interior partition that we take advantage of as a place to store, display, even study and work desks.

Finally, here is an example of the use of staircase handrails.

By installing more sturdy wood panels at handrail, you can turn the space you don’t use and don’t know how to use into a convenient workspace.

A good product for those who don’t like clutter.

Each person has their own “workspace where they can concentrate most”.
Considering the family living together, it is not possible to take up such a large area as a space just for work, so various ideas are made for each family.

6. Summary:

People have different workspaces where they can concentrate, such as quiet places, places with some noise, places with music, and so on.
If you are building a new building or remodeling, it may be a good idea to look back on the environment where you can easily devote yourself to your work and look toward the future when remote work is considered to be common.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

If you have any demand to design the staircase. Please contact us!

Katzden hotline: 0908.846.227 or 0908.834.227

Or you can also refer more products interior and exterior of us here.

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