3 choices for quality cycle rack

When you love your bike and want to protect them and you need a simple solution? Cycle racks are useful when you want to keep your bike in a garage, office, outside locations of restaurants,universities, apartments, etc.

Cycle racks are made of standard steel material for simplicity and elegance. In fact, cycle racks can be designed in a variety of colors, textures, and styles.The shape of cycle racks may vary and can be customized according to the owner’s preferences. This shows a personal impression when you need to park or meet customers who love the unique, expressing their own personality.

Cycle rack – not only to keep the bicycle in the parking place but also as a decorative that adds increase delicacy artistic to the landscape. KATZDEN ARCHITEC was the first company in Japan to create a cycle stand made by considering landscapes. We are proud to introduce you to our 3 products:

1/ CLIP:

A simple cycle rack made of stainless steel pipe. CLIP is structured to sandwich the wheel, which makes it possible for the bicycle to stand alone without side stand.

Because of its simple shape, CLIP matches anywhere. With a low price, you can easily create a beautiful bicycle parking.

A product born to be asked for a smaller, cheaper cycle rack.

2/ CESTA: 

This is a cycle rack with racquet motifs used in Cesta Punta, a sports originating in the European Basque Country.

CESTA  is a product that emphasizes sporty curvaceous beauty, and it shows the appearance like art. Vibration processing is applied to stainless steel material.

Therefore scratches are less noticeable, This can be kept stylish for a long time.

Because it is a stylish design, it is familiar to a beautiful park.


SQUARE with revolutionary structure that can insert wheels from 4 directions.

SQUARE can be stacked when transported, you can suppress delivery cost when mass shipping.

We hope this information will provide a better understanding and basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

If you have any demand to design the staircases please contact us!

HotlineKatzden: 0908-846-227 – 0908-834-227

Or you can also refer to more product interior and exterior of us here.

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