How to choose the stairs for small houses

For houses with small spaces, traditional staircase style will be very bulky and occupy a large area. A little creativity in design will help you have a staircase fit and comfort. This article will suggest the staircase to form a small space.

See-through staircase “ObjeA”

A comfortable living space, convenient and cohesion family members are the purpose that see-through staircase wants to bring to users. Look through the steps and the simplicity in design, not obscure vision so you can cover the whole of the different spaces in the house. 

Nowadays see-through staircase ObjeA is a very popular trend and common, suitable with design style from modern to classical. Especially measures to improve the living space for a house with typical small space.

Flexible staircase “FRIS”

FRIS is suitable for light-filled houses. Open space of the staircase will help to catch a full natural light make the house is more open, save the light from electric lamps. Besides that when using FRIS staircase the homeowners can save the space area for their houses by requisitioned area under the staircase to put the dresser, bookshelf,…

Cantilever staircase “DANDEL”

DANDEL staircase is being fixed with only one side and is the kind of staircase is designed for ventilation. With a unique look, DANDEL staircase would be a great option for families who love modern design. 

Besides that, you can make use of the space beneath the staircase to put bookshelves, bookcases … saving space, and bring aesthetics to the house.

Loft ladder “Lofty”

This ladder has a simple design, suitable and is very diverse. Lofty always is the first chosen for attic/loft households.

If you can returning to childhood time, do you want your parent to design a nice loft bedroom like this? Please manually make that dream for your children with Lofty. This will definitely be a highlight for your house. 

Hope through this article will help you to choose the staircase fit for your living room.

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