NeconoMa – Small house for cats

Today when life develops, pets in the house like dogs and cats become more and more close to humans. Little small cat friends like family members, cared for from food to the place to sleep. So the houses for cats are always is homeowners’ attention. With Katzden, NeconoMa is the perfect space for your cat.

House for cats


“NeconoMa” is a small house for your cat to help create harmony space between people and cats. This is one of the designs of the Spanish designer Alegre when he realized the compatibility between interior and people.

Cats that are kept inside houses have tended to be sedentary, so placing Neconoma on the walls can promote their movement. With wooden and steel material help Neconoma has simple beautiful and lightly in every space.  

Help space become warmer


Besides being a cat house, NeconoMa is also used as an interior decoration product so that people and cats can easily share space with each other. With many unique and interesting designs, NeconoMa makes your home space more beautiful than ever. 

Thenceforth, the affection between people and cats also became closer. By subjective judgment, NeconoMa brings a warm and comfortable space to your whole house.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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