See-through staircase at Katzden Architec place to connect family members

If your family is wondering about the design of the staircase or intends to change your old staircase, you should not ignore the staircase patterns at Katzden. With beautiful and unique designs, we are confident to make you satisfied. Let’s take a look at the beauty of the See-through staircase.

Create an open space

The current trend of staircase design is simple, convenient and safe. The design does not only impress with the neat, modern shape but also unique in the combination of materials.

With See-Through function of the staircase will help you to have an overview of different spaces and bring the light to your room. Instead of using traditional materials like concrete or wood is rigid and monotonous. You can combine with transparent glass to bring balance effects as well as increase the liberal and modern for your home. 

Connecting family affection 

Not merely the way leading up and down between the floors of the house, the staircase is considered a central highlight for the house. The staircase is the most used in the house, connecting all activities of the members. Therefore, the staircase is always meticulously designed by the architects and carefully selected by the host.

Besides creating an open space for the house, not like other conventional staircases, Object A does not create any separation in space. Help family members become closer and closer to each other.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

If you have any demand to design the staircases please contact us!

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