The criteria help you to choose an eff mobile partition (Kastomwall)

Kastom Wall helps divide the office space that is probably an integral part of the majority of businesses. Kastom Wall helps to effectively solve the problem off office space, aesthetics and saving the space. To choose a suitable and quality Kastom Wall, we would like to give you four selection to choose: 

Purpose of use 

First, you need to determine your purpose of use to choose the Kastomwall suitable for the space you want to install. At Katzden, we are confident about Kastomwall can fully meet all customer requirements as the following features:

  • Ensure aesthetics for every space.
  • Arbitrary change of partitions according to the development of family members creates innovation.
  • Multifunctional: bookshelves, decorative shelves, desks ….

Color harmony

Another note when choosing Kastomwall is should choose Kastomwall with harmonious colors. This is a fairly important factor. After the process of painting, repairing and building the office, you need to choose Kastomwall with uniform color matching with the color of the office to create aesthetics at the same time make users feel comfortable. If you choose the right color will cause feelings of rejection, eyesore affecting work.

Kastomwall at Katzden with the brown tone of wood combined with the black of steel brings harmony, lightness and suitable for very spaces. 

Reasonable price

Another note when choosing Kastomwall is the reasonable price. This will be the most important thing in Kastomwll selection criteria at a reasonable prices and reputable quality. You can explore the market, consult the previous users to choose.

Supplier, manufacturer reputation

Currently, on the market, there are many manufacturers and suppliers of Kastomwall. You should research carefully before choosing a reputable unit. A reputable unit will help provide users with the best quality, durable and most beautiful bulkhead products.

Katzden Architec Japan is currently the only Kastomwall supplier in Vietnam.

We hope this information will provide a better understanding and basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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