Top 5 staircase at Katzden Architec are most popular in every living space

When designing a house, the choice of a staircase is very important. Currently, the tube house is one of the most popular models due to the increasingly limited housing construction area, especially in the city area.

If you are looking for the most popular staircase patterns, definitely do not miss the staircase at Katzden Architec!

FRIS staircase

Fris staircase is a model suitable for low-light tubular houses. The open space of the staircase will help the house catches all the natural light to not only help the house become more ventilated but also save the light from electric lights. 

Besides that, when using the Fris staircase homeowners also can save quite a bit of space for their home space because they can requisition the area under the stairs to place cabinets, bookshelves, …

Obje- A See-thought staircase

The advantage of Obje-A staircase is can breaks down the confined space of a traditional staircase. If the traditional staircase model is designed to occupy an area, creating a confined space with the Obje-A staircase this problem has been solved by simple design, saving space and taking advantage of natural light.

WAVES staircase

Origami is known as a symbolic cultural art of Japan and popular with people all around the world. From that point of view, Katzden Architec brought Origami closer to everyday life through the “WAVES” staircase. Its modern design makes the living space stylish and you can realize the high-end interior design.

With the technique of bending and high accuracy, installation method in place, no need to paint or welding at the construction site. Waves bring a touch of elegance, for a softer step.

DANDEL staircase

Danel staircase is a model staircase fixed on one side only and is the most openly designed stair type. With a unique appearance, DANDEL stairs will be a great choice for families who love modernity. In addition, you can take advantage of the space at the bottom of the stairs to bookshelves, bookcases … just save space, just aesthetic for the house.

‘Lofty’ staircase

A combination of steel bars and wooden steps, Lofty staircase are suitable for homes with simple interior designs and mezzanines. In order not to take up too much space of the house, Lofty staircase is designed to be light and simple. Especially, Lofty staircase does not have handrails so when using stairs users must hold and grasp the iron bars to climbing up to increase the movement. 

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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