A mobile bulkhead is a smart choice for open spaces

Why we should choose mobile bulkhead?

Currently, with many advantages compared to other construction materials, the mobile bulkhead is selected by many people to divide areas in houses, offices, restaurants, etc. into a separate space.

Mobile bulkhead help to save cost

One of the outstanding advantages of mobile bulkhead compare with the other building materials is cost savings. This is also the reason that many households, agencies, organizations, restaurants, bars, etc. tend to use movable bulkheads for their space.

When using mobile bulkhead will help you reduce the cost of materials, construction costs compared to using concrete walls. In addition, you will save a significant amount when reducing the investment costs for lighting systems, air conditioners, audio equipment, tables, and chairs, etc. 

Mobile bulkhead with custom functions

The bulkhead is one of the furniture products that have been used in many office furniture, home furniture, shops, …

With compact structure, Kastom Wall is easy and simple to use; installation or shipping. Kastom Wall has the function of dividing the space very scientifically and effectively, suitable for all spaces to create a comfortable working space while ensuring privacy.

Besides, the advantage of competitive price is also a plus point for this product.

Mobile Bulkhead help save space

The mobile bulkhead has a folding mechanism when not in use and is designed to be flexible and easy to move, thus saving the maximum used area. In case of necessity, you can completely store the partition to open up a large open space.


This is an advantage to create flexibility in the use of bulkheads. You will easily divide the space area to create independence without rigid and boring walls. 

Mobile bulkhead are highly aesthetic

The mobile bulkhead is made from many different materials with diverse designs, abundant colors, so it will help increase the aesthetics of the space used.

KastomWall fixed connections to the well-designed ceiling are not easily seen. More specifically Katzden also pays attention to the reasonable distance between the partitions to bring a sense of comfort and comfort to the user.

KastomWall will not be monotonous with raw materials from wood and steel combined with the main colors: black, red and natural wood.

You can decor or decorate your Kastom Wall with small plant pots, ornament,… Also, Kastomwall can turn into a small work table to make a difference and accent for your home.

With the above-mentioned advantages, it is sure to be the product that always accompanies the path of modernization of all interior spaces.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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