Basic knowledge need to know when choosing a staircase for your house

The staircase is not only the way up and down between the floors of the house, but it also contributes to creating interior aesthetics for the house. Therefore, the staircase must be designed to suit the space and feng shui of the house. Down there are some guidelines to follow when selecting stairs that Katzden wants to share with you:

After a period of time, choosing a sophisticated staircase with intricate design and luxurious materials such as concrete, stone,… but still leaving users feeling uncomfortable in taking light and occupying the area of space. Currently, the staircase is designed with simplicity and sophistication being favored when meeting all the above inconveniences.

One of the staircase design standards is that attention should be paid to the slope of the staircase, which is determined by the height and width of the staircase. Designing the stairs with a reasonable height and width will make you stride comfortably. Avoid tripping or stepping on steps due to small steps or unreasonable height.

Design staircase is very important, homeowners and architects are not only interested in standard staircase size but also interested in the most appropriate location for stairs.

The staircase is like the backbone of a house, it leads the airflow through the stairs from the 1st floor to the rest of the floors to the rooms that bring fresh air to the entire upper part of the house.

In addition to designing the size of the stairs to the standard size, the stairs are also arranged to ensure that the center of the house is the best.

When choosing the design of handrails with bars from the ceiling to the ladder should note that the gap between the two vertical bars is not too big. Hyperactive children are more likely to fall through vertical columns if not careful. If you want to be more to ensure safety and not lose aesthetics, you can add iron bars to the handrails or make connections.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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