FRIS – Bars staircase – Subtle connection among inner spaces in your home

Divided design but not separated of Fris staircase. 

Fris staircase is one of the bars staircases that many people are most concerned about.

The staircase is fixed to the wall and handrails (parallel steel bars) are fixed from the ceiling. Slender and modern feels like a staircase floating in the air. Fris staircase is suitable for all houses and easy to combine decoration.

Fris is always the right name for a house to take advantage of the area.

Fris staircase is a suitable staircase for low-light tubular houses. The open space of the staircase will help the house catch all the natural light, help the house to become ventilated, save light from electric lights.

Besides, when using the Fris staircase, homeowners also save quite a lot of space for their home space because they can requisition the area under the stairs to place cabinets, bookshelves, …

We hope this information will provide a better understanding and basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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