Interior steel handrail exquisite choice for a beautiful house

If the handrail previously designed simple, now due to the higher aesthetic needs more and more beautiful handrails are born. In particular, the steel handrail can provide all the needs of users, creating an open space and adorning the interior of the house.

Steel handrail is an interior design structure of the house, increasingly widely used in housing and construction designs. Relatively safe, durable, simple design bringing a new space right in the heart of a home. Steel handrail is a reliable choice for families who already or just planning to build a house. At Katzen, we have steel handrail designs suitable for all interior spaces as follows:

Horizontal handrail 

Stairs with horizontal handrail are designed simply, consistent with modern style. The horizontal handrail is designed by straight steel bars parallel to each other without complicated textures and patterns.

Wire Handrail 

Wire handrail is suitable for some house to have narrow space, small area. Wire handrail is designed simply, not too restrained by form, creating an airy feeling for the house. Besides that, the advantage of this type of stairs is that it takes natural light from the slit of cables, bringing wind and light into the room, making the room become brighter and more open.

Vertical Handrail

The vertical handrail is designed with round steel pipes that are highly resistant to vibration. Especially the slender bar with modern design helps bring a sense of airiness to the homeowner. Sunlight can also penetrate through barriers and bring light to the entire room.

Glass Handrail 

When choosing a staircase with glass handrail, you can be completely assured of safety and aesthetics. Glass handrail is made of strong tempered glass, good durability. When broken, they will break into small particles so it will not be dangerous for the user. Moreover, glass handrail also brings elegance and modernity to your home. Some families also use a small light to make these tempered glass panels more sparkling, live with many colors.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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