KATZDEN ARCHITEC first company applied the method of installation and finishing at the construction site.

Katzden Architec is an architectural steel manufacturing company with 100% equity from Japan. Typical products is staircase, handrail, exterior and interior furniture … Currently, KATZDEN ARCHITEC is the first company in Vietnam to use the method of installation and finishing at the construction site with wishing to give our customers the best quality products in the shortest time.

Complete staircase parts at the factory.

All parts of the staircase are manufactured, finished paint precisely at the factory. With current conventional production methods, welding and painting process must be done on site after finishing production at the factory. However, with Katzden assembly method only takes one day to complete the product, completely flexible according to the requirements of the project. Moreover, the quality of paint surface is higher quality and more durable because it is made at the factory.

Transport easily to the place where needs to be installed.

One of the strengths of the method of assembling completed parts is the ease of transportation. Because the weight of each part does not exceed 60kg, so it very rare to have difficulties or accidents in moving.

Flexible installation time.

Due to the ease of transporting each part so the time for installing the staircase is also flexible. Depending on the time customer wants Katzden engineering department can quickly to install the staircase. No need to depend on many factors.

If you have any demand to design the staircases please contact us!

HotlineKatzden: 0908-846-227 – 0908-834-227

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