Should choose glass handrail or horizontal handrail?

Recently, staircase handrail is an indispensable interior and exterior accessory of many families especially skyscraper houses. Among the various handrail, horizontal handrail and glass handrail are highly appreciated for their quality, durability, and applicability. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of that handrail through the following article!

Horizontal handrail: 

We will not deny the diversity of the staircase handrail market. For example, there are wood, glass, they are used for indoors fixed with cement staircase. And metal handrail for outdoor use. Of course, a horizontal handrail is also one of the most popular product lines today.


– In addition to the main effect is to create safety for users when going up and downstairs. The horizontal handrail has a harmonious design with interior architecture, suitable for the space of the house area is considered as another interior decoration product in the house.

– Good heat resistance.

– It can stand up to the enormous weights.

– Simple and fast construction. Easy to clean and repair if there is a problem.

– Long-life can be up to 60-70 years depending on the use of each person.

– The price is not high.

– Powder coating outside, anti-rust and prevent the effects of the environment.


– There has the space between the iron bars.  Attention when transporting small items and children indoors.

Glass handrail: 

In the past, toughened glass handrail was often used in luxury villas or high-rise buildings. Recently, the price of glass has decreased along with the people being aware of the aesthetics glass handrail brings to the house. 


– High aesthetics, it can stand up to the enormous weights, long life.

– Crystal-clear characteristic of glass. Does not obscure visibility, so you can customize high as much as you want 

– Safe for families have children.

– With glass handrail the buildings will be more luxurious and splendor, bringing beauty, vitality to the entire space. Moreover, the glass handrail also brings modern, luxury and high safety to the user. 

– If the house space is small then using a glass handrail is the only and optimal solution because it creates a sense of space expansion, creating unbroken seamlessness as in the space.. Glass handrail will be the perfect choice for luxury, modern, Western-style houses.


–  High price.

– Take time to construction.

– Easy to crack if there is a strong impact on the glass.

With products at Katzden, we have overcome the disadvantages of horizontal handrail and glass handrail to ensure the safety and aesthetics of your home.

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