Staircase bring aesthetic beauty to the living room

Nowadays trend of consumers usually prioritizes the slender staircase models, simple but no less luxurious and sophisticated in design. Because the staircase is a highlight for the living room also an important part in the design of houses, with living space is expanded and make the most intelligent use.

What role does a staircase in a living space?

This is a circulating place, the necessary connection between spaces and floors in the house. Moreover, the design of the staircase also serves as a highlight to create a unique beauty for the living space of each project

What do stairs mean in the living room?

From observations of the city and the way people live today. We realize the distance between family members is increasingly distant. We hope that See-through staircase products will shorten the distance between family members and bring people closer together.

Especially staircase help homeowners optimize the living space and simultaneously increasing the luxurious beauty of the home. Create an open living room space, not cramped.

Some beautiful staircase trends for the living room

ObjeA- Truss staircase: 

Located in the ObjeA stair line, ObjeA-Truss has a modern design with a harmonious combination of materials. Bring gently feeling upon to the slenderness of the steel but still ensuring the safety in use.

Fris staircase: 

A staircase of innovative design that is supported with steel pipe. It features steps that looks like floating and can accomodates various shapes.

FRIS staircase with streamlined design, divided but not separated brings the feeling of being spacious, not obscuring the light, suitable for houses to take advantage of its area.

Waves staircase: 

Origami is known as a symbolic cultural art of Japan and popular with the people all around the world.

From that point of view, Katzden Architec brought Origami closer to everyday life through the “WAVES” staircase.

With the technique of bending and high accuracy, installation method in place, no need to paint or welding at construction site. Waves brings a touch of elegance, for softer step.

We hope this information will provide a better understanding and basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

If you have any demand to design the staircases please contact us!

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Or you can also refer to more product interior and exterior of us here.

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