Building a house will fail if the staircase are positioned incorrectly!?

When designing a house, many people tend to decide without regard to the location of the staircase.

However, in recent years, architects have recommended or put staircase designs into the living room. The proposal has received many positive feedback and satisfaction from a customer.

For a long time, the staircase installed in the lobby near the entrance were thought to be a common layout. So with the above layout, what are the advantages and disadvantages? What is the recent trend? And how do I not regret it? There are many factors that we must think about.

Unlike furniture, staircase once installed will be very difficult to remove and install at a different location (having the same measurements and techniques as the location that was installed earlier). Therefore, the installation location of staircase is an important factor that has a great influence on the structure and design of the house.

What kind of space will be used to install the staircase. Depending on the effect that each staircase brings:

1 / Open space for living room by considering: light source, ventilation, …

2 / Size of the raw space of the lower floor space and the upper floor space.

3 / Create communication between family members.

I would like to present the evaluation from 4 views following. Please note that there are many different cases depending on the skill of the house designer, as the following views are simply a summary for the reader to understand in one way.

1. The case of large void and staircase are set at the end of the living room.

At Katzden, we have many staircase arrangements but the most common one is at the end of the living room.

This installation creates more space and takes advantage of the light source through the window.

This clearly shows the see-thought feature of staircase in Kaztden.

The center of the room acts as a communication between the upper and lower floors. Sounds easily pass through different floors but the air in the family is not cut and separate.

Compared to 4 case, this case creates a sense of distance. However, in the winter, warm air will tend to go up because things need to focus on how to place fireplaces, floor heaters, wall insulation to ensure the indoor temperature does not decrease.

2. The case of small void and staircase are set at the end of the living room.


– Do not lose the airy and open space.

– Can create more rooms upstairs.

– Compared with case 1 and case 3, this case has less heat loss because of small floor vents. Therefore there is no need to be important about the location of the fireplace.

In the above cases, the dead space is the area under the staircase. With See-Through function dead space can see through.

If you put your sofa or TV in the dead space, it is easy to close the dust during your move. So instead of not using that space or installing inappropriate furniture creates inconvenience. Then make the dead space as beautiful and versatile as house plants (get natural light indirectly from the staircase), bookshelves or lights to make the space more useful.

3. The case the staircase are installed in the middle of the living room.

This layout is for people who want to influence their guests as soon as they enter the living room.

The one in the center is obviously easier to see, so you can see the staircase from all directions.

The staircase stands out and becomes the center of the house. The view from the top floor is hard to see in the houses where the staircase are installed according to the normal layout.

However, stairs have two defects:

1 / Costly to set up handrails on both sides.

2 / There is a dead space under the staircase in the center of the house.

Therefore, it should only be used for those who believe strongly that “I focus on one impact more than anything else!”

4. The case the staircase are installed right at the entrance.

For those who are uncomfortable with high ceilings in the living room and want to prioritize family privacy, it is advisable to set up the staircase right at the entrance.

The advantage is easy to create many rooms upstairs, and easy storage and storage of dead space.

Other way, if you respect your family’s privacy too much. You can come to your room quietly and secretly. Therefore, it is a small disadvantage in family communication.

In developed countries, after considering the growth of children. It is often proposed to gather family in the living room and arrange for people to meet each other at least once a day.


Observing the process of building a home you can confirm that what’s important in your home.

It is difficult to build a house that is not only present but also for your future. But if you only think the decision is based on money or lack of research, you will often regret it later.

Trend to choice handrail – See-through ObjeA staircase

A stylish staircase is always a highlight in the house. Therefore, Steel see – through staircase  Obje A becomes the prioritize choice for many homeowners,  both large and small house. Here is the trend of choosing steel see- through staircase ObjecA many customers trust in recent years.

ObjeA Semi-close

With designs from the skeleton pattern Semi – Close, horizontal handrails and woods steeps. ObjeA Semi-Close staircase suitable for living room space brings elegant  beauty to the house.

ObjeA Semi-close

ObjeA Close

Like ObjeA Semi-Close, the ObjeA Close staircase also often combined with horizontal handrails and wood steps. Close bone pattern – the hidden bone structure, so we can say that ObjeA Close is a perfect interior choice for the house with perfect beauty.

ObjeA Close

ObjeA Open

One of the most popular and trusted staircase, this is the ObjeA Close. ObjeA Close with sturdy bone structure and wooden steps removed from the bone. Create a strong accent for room space. 

ObjeA Open

ObjeA Saw

This is a staircase model that balances geometric beauty and structural strength, but still keeps the air in the house.

ObjeA Saw

ObjeA Truss

ObjeA Truss is a dedicate combination of structure and steel. Staircase create a sense of harmony between the slenderness of steel and the transparency of the glass. With Truss structure, staircase brings unique and modern to every space.

ObjeA Truss

ObjeA Thunder

ObjeA Thunder is designed with ziczac shape bone structure, steel railing and wooden steps. U-shaped staircase creates a new feeling for home space. Depend on colour and location the owner choice, ObjeA Thunder confidently bring accents to every space.

ObjeA Thunder

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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Importance in the movement for children

One survey of Stanford University – USA in 2017 that Vietnam is among the least physically active countries in the world. You can refer to the statistics table below:

As a result, with 30% of adults lacking physical exercise, Vietnam is one of the 10 country are the most inactive countries in the world.

In Vietnam, young people today are generally sedentary, concentrated in working groups, young people and even children.

The leading cause may be due to improper time management. People are spending time with family, friends, work too much and no longer care about exercise, going to the gym or walking, jogging in the park. Especially now, junior high school students and primary school student are not enough physically active according to the standards.

With the above problem Katzden Architec would like to offer the Athletic Series product line. At Kaztden Architec, monvement is always an important and indispensable part of daily life.

With our Athletic Series, we bring new and exciting motorcycling to home and room. Creating conditions for people to be active at home without having to go out to parks or gyms, etc.

Athletic Series has 5 types of products as follows:

Deco Bubbles: A smiley shape – installed directly onto the ceiling and walls.

Deco Twist: A zigzag tube shape that is fixed with or without a head.

Monkey Bars: A climbing frame shaped that can stand weighs up to 200kg.

Climing Bar: Shaped like a vertical pillar, can be installed in any position in the house.

Chinning bar: A single bar is used for sniffing exercises or for those who want to train their arms.

For those who want to practice their arm muscles, the Chinning Bar is a perfect choice. No need to go to the gym, you can still practice single bars at home but still effective no less.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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Instructions for selecting indoor ‘Athletic Series’ sports equipment

Recently, health is the top issue that many people are concerned about. The ‘Athletic Series’ indoor sports equipment provides every member in the family with a good habit of practicing sports, also creating a vivid atmosphere for house design and creating a unique,  a distinct for your beautiful house.

Advantages of interior decoration with sports equipment

By decorating by indoor sports equipment, you don’t need to take much time to find gym center, safe playground,…This will be the smart and most convenient option for you and your family members, because: 

  • Save time because you do not have to drive to the gym center everyday.
  • Freedom of time. The decoration of sports equipment at home allows you free practice or you can practice whenever you like.
  • Cost savings. No more memberships fee at the gym. You will get back your initial investment after 2-3 years.
  • Sports equipment, especially Athletic Series is made stainless steel materials – ensure and high strenght, so you can be completed ensure about using for a long time. 
  • Create connections between family members.

Featured sports equipment in your home

DECO Bubble

DECO Bubble

With raw materials are steel coiled tubes. DECO Bubble is an indoor sports device that is both a device for fun and a part of the interior. Designed to be a smiling face that creates fun for your home and creates exercise routines for everyone. When installing to the wall, we will catch screws in two eyes. When installing to the ceiling, we will catch screws in four positions: the eyes and the mouth.

DECO Twist

DECO Twist

Installed on the ceiling, Deco Twist will become a resistance exercise, climbing and physical exercise activates the activity of the brain and strengthens the child’s strength and nurtures a bright brain. Creativity and good health from childhood.  Deco Twist can be installed on walls and ceilings. Like DECO Bubble, made of rolled steel pipe, DECO Twist with an adult load of 200kg ensures absolute safety for users.

Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars

The structure of Monkey Bar is designed to be simple and fixed on the ceiling so that adults and children can practice and play. In particular, the climbing frame can withstand a maximum weight of up to 200kg, ensuring safety for users. In addition, with Monkey Bar sports equipment, you can hang a hammock to rest and relax after a long working day, while helping to make the most of indoor space.

Climing Bar

Climing Bar

Climing Bar is effective tool to help you train with muscle groups. With intense exercises, Climing Bar is effective as swimming, football. To reduce the risk of accidents for children practicing outside, parents can install the product and monitor their children at home.

Chinning Bar

Chinning Bar

Chinning Bar is the perfect choice for those who want to practice for the arm muscles group. No need to go to the gym, you can still practice the single beam at home but still cost effective.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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What are the differences between DANDEL staircase and WAVES DANNEL staircase

See-through staircase features are quickly becoming a trend in the interior space of modern, optimal and highly creative. See-through staircase, not only way between floors of the house it also as an interior decoration item in your home.

Speaking of the See-through staircase, it is impossible not to mention the DANDEL and WAVES DANDEL staircase of Katzden Architec. So what are the 2 different types of stairs 2?

Structure of DANNEL staircase and WAVES DANDEL

DANDEL staircase is staircase designed to be fixed on one-side. With a structure one-sided design clinging to the wall to create a sense like floating in the air, help DANDEL staircase has a unique appearance. DANDEL staircase is the best choice for modern living spaces. DANDEL staircase design is simple so you can take advantage of the space under the staircase to be able to install a bookshelf or personal shell, etc.

As for the WAVES DANDEL staircase, it has been combined with a one-sided fixing technique such as the DANDEL staircase with a wavy shape inspired by the Japanese art of Origami paper folding. Simplicity combined with sophistication, helps WAVES DANDEL fit all modern living spaces and satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The applicability of the two types of staircase

DANDEL staircase is suitable for use in spaces with low floors. Especially, DANDEL staircase is one of the suitable options for small-sized houses with mezzanines, helping the house become more beautiful and more attractive.

With WAVES DANDEL staircase has a soft appearance in design, but also equally hardened by the solid steel material. Therefore, WAVES DANDEL staircase is always selected by many customers for their homes because of their high applicability, suitable for all housing spaces.

Conclusion DANDEL and WAVES DANDEL are highly applicable. Depending on the design and preferences of the host – DANDEL and WAVES DANDEL bring beauty and individuality in each design.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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Guidance when choosing the see-through ObjeA staircase

Staircase contribute to the aesthetics of the interior and have an important role in determining the vitality of the house. Therefore, the staircase must be designed so that they are spacious, well ventilated, and not confined.

This is the question of how to choose a beautiful staircase pattern and suitable for the architectural space of the house. The blog pots today, Katzden Architec would like to introduce to you some important principles when choosing see-through ObjeA staircase.

Why should choice ObjeA staircase?

See-through ObjeA staircase is a popular trend with many modern design styles. Instead of using materials like concrete or wood as traditional, rigid and monotonous, you can combine them with glass staircases throughout the staircase to help you cover other spaces.

Along with the above advantages, the ObjeA staircase also brings natural light into the house with simple and transparent materials. Save electricity and bring fresh space to the room.

Instructions for using ObjeA?

Staircase Structure

For small houses, you can choose to design a compact staircase in the form of angle to save the maximum area. The space under the staircase can also be used to store shelves, bookshelves … to help save the maximum area for your living space.

Most families often use the space under staircase as a toilet, storage, bookshelf, TV shelf, etc. To make use of the space that is often considered dead space. However, you can completely turn this space into an interesting highlight in the house. A beautiful small garden covered with white gravel combined with small flowers pots will make the area under the staircase of your home more lively and full of life.

Staircase Handrail

Staircase handrail is fulcrum for the railings, help to fix the stair railing. Help people safe from falling during transportation. Therefore, the height of the staircase handrail is also very important. The height of the handrail will be calculated from the center of the staircase to the top of the handrail, and depends on the slope of the staircase.

The height of the handrail is calculated from 85cm to 105cm,  not allowed lower than 85cm. The size of a handrail is calculated based on the average height of family members divided in half and adds 20cm. Staircase handrails should not be too high as this will drag along the high staircase railing. Staircase handrail too high will obscure visibility and is not aesthetic.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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