Decorate urban landscape with Japanese quality bicycle parking

Katzden Architec offers quality bicycle parking, suitable for placing in various public places. As well as having the right materials and colors to decorate the living scene. With the “CLIP”, “CESTA” and “SQUARE” models of Katzden bicycle parking can make the exterior space exquisite artistic beauty.

Quality bicycle parking “ CLIP”

With a design made of stainless steel pipe and firm. The CLIP bicycle parking has a wheel-mounting structure, it helps the bike to stand alone without a stand. Thanks to its simple shape, CLIP fits anywhere. Besides that, the bike parking also allows users to use their own locks to protect their bikes.

Bicycle parking “ CESTA”

Made of stainless steel – highly resistant to corrosion over a wide temperature range. CESTA is a perfect choice for public spaces. With a V-shaped structure that holds onto the wheel, plus a simple, unobtrusive design. Moreover, the installation of CESTA bicycle racks is very simple – screws are drilled directly to the ground. Besides that, CESTA is designed for easy cleaning, with an open-design that prevents the accumulation of dirt.

Cesta is a bicycle parking that saves space, suitable for placing in public places. Therefore, instead of normal between 2 bikes when placed side by side is 600mm, with CESTA the distance is only 300 mm and can be adjusted at the discretion of the customer. It’s a great feature for office, park, hotel entrance, etc. CESTA is not only a perfect bicycle parking option that is simple and effective but also a great choice widget to decorate the exterior space.

Bicycle parking “ SQUARE”

This is a bicycle parking model with a square design made of steel. SQUARE can insert wheels from 4 directions. This is a unique design by Katzden. Besides, during transport, SQUARE can be stacked so you can save delivery cost when shipping in bulk.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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