FRIS staircase – a new trend for modern home architecture

The staircase is considered the central highlight of a home and is the most used place to record all activities of all family members. Not only is the way up and down between the floors, the staircase also contributes to the aesthetics that contribute to the assertion of the homeowner style.

When designing the stairs you should note the number of steps, stability, ventilation, and style suitable to the overall of the house. A beautiful staircase will help your home bring a balanced beauty, harmony and an important point for a perfect living space.

Fris staircase in one of all. With uniqlo shape, Fris will be a perfect choice for house owners to love modernity.  

Fris staircase – unleash creativity for all living spaces.

Fris staircase is suitable for all houses and easy to combine decoration.

Flexible in design, creative to suit each living space, Fris flexible staircase is the perfect choice for customers who love creativity and sophistication with high requirements.

Fris staircase- Designed minimalist and modern

Handrails are beautifully designed and refined are one of the factors that homeowners care about when decorating the staircase, especially for modern apartments. With one head fixed to the wall, one head fixed to the steps, the staircase seemed to float in the room. Simple in design, unique in structure. Fris brings light and modern feeling to your home.

Fris – Staircase for limited area house

A staircase model suitable for all spaces, especially low-light tube houses. FRIS staircase will be very suitable for use in urban homes. 

FRIS staircase helps your house flooded with the light. The open space of the staircase will help to catch the full natural light. Your home feels more airy, saving the light from electric lights. Besides that, when using Fris stairs, homeowners can save space by requisitioning under the stairs to place wardrobes, bookshelves, etc.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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