Kids Lofty staircase funny designed for your children

Kids Lofty staircase with smart designs which help to save space, create highlights, stimulate creativity for kids’ imagination and activeness.

Creative design

In addition to extremely creative and unique designs, Lofty staircase are designed to be absolutely safe for children. The stairs are made wider, the distance between each step is the same which will prevent your baby from slipping or falling.

Depending on the height of the staircase, there will be different steps. It’s like having a handrail or not having a handrail. Number of steps may be more or less. Stairs can be curved or straight based on the customers’ designs. And usually on the side of the attic, near the wall.

Instead of a ladder that makes children feel frightened and insecure. A mezzanine with a directly attached Lofty staircase will easily take your child to the dreamland.

Many colour 

Lofty stairs are more prominent than others types of conventional stairs with funny staircases, combining harmonious and eye-catching colors, helping to create a highlight for the whole room. Depending on the style and interior of the house, we can consider and choose the right products.

Save the space

Living space will be added in more functions thanks to the mezzanine design. However, if not skilful, the design and installation of the stairs to the mezzanine will occupy many areas of the floor below, causing bulky and cramped feeling for an overview of the house.Therefore, Lofty stair is the perfect choice in saving your housing space.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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