Steel staircase with Japanese quality, safety, friendliness, high aesthetics.

Referring to Japanese products, people always think about meticulousness in the production process. Katzden Architec also, with the latest and most modern production line system, Katzden has created masterpieces of a staircase with good quality that many people trust.

ObjeA staircase

ObjeA has advantages as follow: 

  • Save the space for the room
  • Creating open spaces
  •  Get natural light
  • Connecting family relationships

Besides that, ObjeA is fit with the preferences of each customer. You can choose 04 parts of the staircase to get the staircase that suits for you.

Fris staircase


Fris staircase is a model suitable for low-light tubular houses. With a simple design, one end is fixed to the ceiling, one end is fixed to the wall.

The combination of steps with slender steel bars creates a feeling of lightness but no less modern.

Daniel staircase

Simplicity is the pinnacle of sophistication. If you want the living room space to become more elegant and softer so Daniel staircase is one of the best options for you. Because of the simple design, saving space but no less unique makes the room more spacious, helping homeowners feel most comfortable when returning home after a working day.

Waves staircase


Origami is known as a symbol of Japanese cultural art and is loved by many people around the world. And the Waves staircase is a staircase pattern combining traditional origami paper art and sophisticated, modern handrail fixing techniques. From simplicity combined with simplicity, Waves was born with high quality and aesthetics to meet customer needs. Bringing minimalism to the living room space as well as the modernity of your home.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

If you have any demand to design the staircases please contact us!

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Or you can also refer more product interior and exterior of us here.

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