Things need to do when choosing See-through staircase at Katzden Architec

In the construction industry, there are always many types of staircase with unique beauty and unique design suitable for each space. Currently, See-through staircase is one of the choices that is favored by many people because it brings simplicity, elegance for architecture.

Divide staircase steps appropriately

Before choosing the dimensions of the staircase, you must know about the dimensions of the staircase so that you can choose the right size for your house.

Height of stairs

Stair height will depend very much on the feng shui height of the house. With normal houses, the height of the stairs is usually 3.6m and 24 steps.

Width of stairs

Width for a person to walk freely is 60cm. For families, stairs should have a width of at least 90cm. This will ensure that you or someone in your family will be able to travel freely and also it is convenient when you want to buy furniture that needs to be installed at home.

At Katzden, we manufacture stairs based on the framework of standard products with higher quality than other manufacturers. And completely flexible according to customer requirements.

Especially when combining See-through staircase steps with materials such as rubberwood, steel, and toughened glass, it will increase the attractive and luxurious beauty for your home. 

The head anti-collision under the staircase and ceiling. 

Head anti-collision under the staircase and ceiling are problems that most staircase users care about.

With a staircase in Katzden you can be assured of this problem. When designing drawings, engineers will go directly to the construction site to conduct actual measurements. In order to avoid the head collision with the ceiling, we will measure the size from the steps to the ceiling. Adjust the ratio most suitable for the position of the stair installation.

Staircase handrails

The staircase has steel, wire, toughened glass handrail will increase the modernity for the staircase. However, for wire handrail should not be used in houses have children. And when using the toughened glass handrail should not place toughened glass in easy to collide location it easy to crack the glass.

These are three points to consider when choosing the See-through staircase to ensure both quality and aesthetics of your house.

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