Unleash creation with KastomWall

If you owning a living space is not too spacious, you also can use KastomWall to divide and arrange the used space according to your demand, create your own style.

Living in a modest space, you may think that a bulkhead is the most unnecessary thing for you. But the fact that bulkhead is a great addition to any small space. This is a great way to divide and arrange smaller spaces in a room according to your usage needs.

Easy to install and disassemble

With compact structure, KastomWall is easy and simple to use; installation or shipping. KastomWall has the function of dividing the space very scientifically and effectively, suitable for all spaces to create a comfortable working space while ensuring privacy.

Suitable for any spaces

KastomWall can be installed in many different locations to suit any space. Depending on the viewing direction, appearance, and usage. By taking light from the gaps of the wooden frames, KastomWall creates a clear space but still ensures privacy and harmonizes with the overall design. Besides that, KastomWall is also a product that helps connect family members, limiting separate spaces. Simple yet easy to fit in with every interior design of every home space, KastomWall is the perfect choice for modern families.

Cost savings

Design and construction costs are factors that investors always care for every project. And you can rest assured when using KastomWall in Katzden. Products help to save costs to the maximum.

KastomWall helps you shorten design, construction time and the cost of accessories… Therefore, you will save money related to installation. Moreover, KastomWall is a high-quality product from a prestigious Japanese brand. Partitions not only have a long life but also meet the most demanding needs of customers.

Hope this information will help you have more knowledge and a basis to choose for your space the most suitable products.

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